Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Prince Charming.........

Hello there everyone, how are you all?

It seams like ages since I last had a chat here. life has managed to interfere with blog and twitter life a little bit over the past few months ( I know, it is not acceptable and I promise I wont stay away for so long again ). Some of the stuff has not been good, and  I'm not quite ready to share that stuff with you, however it hasn't been all bad and today I want to tell you about some of the good things that have happened in the last few months. OK, at this point I must issue a massive.......


The following blog is going to be full of soppy shite, if that's not your thing please look away now, if however you wish to read about the good things occurring with me read on..............

So what's been occurring?

Well given the vomit alert about I'm sure you have all worked out that the good news is a new man in my life and that asumption is correct. Now usually I don't make big announcements about new boyfriend's because 1:- I am a little superstitious and I believe the fastest way to spoil a new relationship is to tell other people about it and 2:- I simply don't believe other people are all that interested in my love life.
So why I hear you ask are you making a big announcement now?  Well I am 39 years old  (yes for the first time, honestly) and  I have previously been married for many years,  yet I have never had a relationship like this before.

Who is this amazing person then?

People please let me introduce to to Mr Stuart Abrahams, known to his friends simply as Stu.  Basic details, 41 yrs old, brown hair, hazel eyes, we met online and he is quite simply my prince charming. 

 You maybe wondering at this point what exactly makes Stu a prince charming, and also what makes this relationship so special.  Well I could spout on about all of Stu's wonderful qualities, and he is smart, funny, caring and  in my opinion quite gorgeous, but these qualities alone do not make a man into 'Prince Charming'. 
So does  he have qualities above and beyond that of a normal man? ...... well no.
Is he the rarest of men who does not have a single fault? ......  again the answer is no, he has all the typical male faults, he even farts in bed.  ( is there is ever a point in a relationship where that should become acceptable?!?!?!? )

So why is he so perfect then?

The answer to this question I believe lies as much in my previous perceptions and expectation of relationships as in anything Stu is or does.   For those of you who may know me personally, or who know me via twitter or Facebook will know that two years ago I split form my then hubby of 16 years. It was not a good marriage, and probably something I will never blog about in detail, but it is fair to say that it left me with certain very low expectations of relationships. The notions of true love, soul mates, 'The one' I believed were romantic fiction that belonged in the same sphere as Prince charming. Likewise I thought that actions such as cuddling in public, holding hands walking down the street were at best the action of lovestruck teens.
I simply did not believe that I would ever find a relationship that was everything I had believed it should be when I was a young girl.Those true love relationships were, if they existed at all, not for the likes of me, I was not special enough for that. Instead I thought that settling for 'good enough' or  'not that bad' was what I had to accept.
and that ladies and gentlemen is what makes Stu and this relationship so amazing. For the first time ever I have a man who may not be perfect, but who is perfect for me and a relationship that is exactly what I have always wanted it to be without a single compromise.   Stu looks at me and treats me like your the most important  person in his world, and that is what makes him my prince charming.  This song prfectly describes how things are when i'm with Stu.
So there it is, I warned you that it was going to be a soppy blog and I hope I have delivered.  On a serious not though, if anybody reading this blog is thinking ( as I would have been six months ago) that it is all very sweet and everything, but never going to happen to you PLEASE stop and reconsider. Don't do as I did and settle for second best, all of us deserve more than that and should not settle till we find it. That's all for me today, hope to see you all again soon Xxx

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