Monday, 30 July 2012

Hello.... Introductions and all that........

Well hello everyone....I'm Tracey, nice to meet you.  Ok well as you may have guessed this is my first blog and as such is most likely going to be fairly rubbish, the saving grace for me is that i am most likely to be the only one reading it I can witter away to my hearts content and upset no one. So he title of my blog, well I consider myself to be a recovering nutter, Anxiety and depression is the official diagnosis, and as a recoverer I have had to develop some pretty impressive social masks to cover up the turmoil that occurs inside my head on a daily basis, so this is what my blog is about, the thoughts that occur behind the mask. Sometimes they maybe funny, sometimes sad, occasionally just plain odd. To the outside world I am a 30 something recently single woman, 2 kids a dog and a job I love as a support worker for adults with learning dissabilities...I am short, redheaded have numerous tattoo's a quick mind and a dirty sense of humour. The inside my head is all those things and a lot more...I will let you make your own minds up about that. Well thats me in a nutshell, I hope someone will take an interest in my ramblings....and will say hello back..I will.say goodbye for now....C ya  Tracey Xx

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