Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Frogs n snails and puppy dog tails...

Hello everyone... today my main To Do job is to finish mowing the garden. However because of the predicted rain (yup its back) I started to do this yesterday evening, and while mowing round my little front pond I saw a little frog hop out. I should add now for honestys sake that I do not live in a huge country retreat and so my pond is not a vast affair, but infact the size of the average bird bath. It does however have a fish and I still love it.  Now back to the frog, well,  I absolutely love frogs and proceeded to follow it round the garden for several minutes till I got a pic which I showed to my BFF and my 12 yr old son.  Needless to say my son was far more impressed than my BFF, which bought to mind a convo I was having with the gorgeous @heelsandtelly last week about me being a tom boy as a child, and thus reminded me yet again that my 'inner child' has and always will be  grubby little boy. This has always been the case. I could possibly  blame growing up on a farm with two brothers.... those were the best days, playing in barns , making camps, and our personal favorite making false dog poo out of spiders webs and mud. Although if I am totally truthful I was far more tomboyish than either of my brothers. My mum always said that if she lost me she just needed to find the biggest muddy puddle and i would be sat in the middle of it. Fast forward to today and I still love all things boyish, mud (a recent weekend at the Download fest in Donnington was soo cool cus I have never seen such fab mud), spiders, frogs and the super powerdul hand dryers in tesco's...(they make your skin wobble, its soooooo cool!!). It is a delight to spend time with my baby boy at the moment as we are so often totally in synch, although I suspect he will soon grow out of such things, leaving me to my muddy adventures on my own..  Are any of you eternal tom boys, or maybe your inner child is a sparkly pink princess...... Anyway signing off for now, c ya soon Tracey  Xxx


  1. You want a small boy to have muddy adventures with? I'll lend you mine for a bit if you like - but please hose him off before you bring him back again ;-) xx


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