Sunday, 17 March 2013

Tattoed lady Part 3

Hello there everyone, here we are again, part 3 of my tattoo story.....

My most sincere apologies for the delay in posting part 3, I have had the most awful luck with my laptop recently, but am now the owner of a super duper new one which is bright red and has lots of magical technical wizardry inside, so fingers crossed all my computer problems are over.
Isn't it beautiful :-D

 But I digress, I am suppose to be telling the story of my tats, so here goes..............


Number's 5 and 6 

5 is the smallest of my tattoo's and not typical of the ones I get done. As mentioned before it was done in the same sitting as number 4, and again I love it because it is a little reminder of my growing confidence and rebelliousness against my bully husband. It is also dispite its small size one of the most painful tats I have ever had done, right above my right outer ankle, where there is very little flesh. I am glad it wasn't my first, as it would have probably ended up being my last as well.

Number 6 is another small tatt, this time on my left outer leg, a little above my ankle this time (I learnt my lesson well). It is another Indian themed one, a single feather this time. It was done again at East Looe a year after 4&5. Not much else to say about it apart from the fact that I realised that I do not tolerate red ink very well, it took ages for the little red bead to heal up.

Number's 7&8

These make up a matching pair of tatts, done in the same sitting. I have always had a love of all things celtic, I think it goes along with my love of all things historical, and I had always wanted a celtic symbol of some sort. 7&8 were a new experience for me because they were the first tatts I had done that were in a visible area of the body. Until then all my tatts could easily be covered up with clothing, so on meeting me, you would be unaware that I was a tattooed lady. I thought long and hard about having visible tatts. It was at a time when tattoo's were only just becoming popular with female celebrities, and obviously still very much frowned upon by much of the general public. This was only some 6 years ago, it is surprising how much attitudes have changed in the last few years. I was at the time ( and still am) working as a social care worker, and obviously there was a concern about how people would feel about having a tattooed lady looking after their loved ones. However I had built up a good relationship with all the families of those I looked after and knew they would not judge me by my outward appearance. I love my little celtic knots. they are a perfect mirror image of each other, quite dainty even. I was expecting them to be very painful as they are on my inner wrists, but surprisingly not so.

Numbers 9&10

9 and 10 were done in two separate sittings in my last visit to East Looe Tattoo's. after getting the knots on my wrist I felt brave enough  to get a slightly bigger visible tatt. There is no particular reason why I chose the design for 9, I just liked it, a modern twist on a celtic design. I asked for the centre ring to have a little bit of purple shading just to make it a little different. 10 was initially done at East Looe, tho it didn't look initially like it does now. I do not have a pic of the original tatt, but if you look closely at it you will be able to identify the black double heart within the centre of the tattoo. I liked this design, but once home I realised that there needed to be a common theme linking the two outer wrist tattoo's. it was at this time that I first met my current tattooist Phil. He had just opened up shop in town. I went to him with a query about what could be done to make the double heart design more similar in size and style to the modern celtic design on my other wrist. Phil doodled a design that matched the celtic star shaped and shading elements of the other tattoo, and a week later I had it done ( no longer can you get to see Phil with just a weeks notice).

So there you go people, we have covered a fair few tattoo's in part 3. None of the ones in this part are particularly big or significant in any way, but all part of my tatt history, and deserving of being part of my tattoo blog. I hope to cover my last 3 tattoo's in part 4. hope you stick around for that. C ya all soon, Tracey Xx


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